Credit Call

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  • Mexico$0.03 p/min
  • Kenya$0.11 p/min
  • Uzbekistan$0.10 p/min
  • Chile$0.05 p/min
  • Liberia$0.61 p/min
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Download Credit Call for your Android phone.
  • Ireland$0.03 p/min
  • Sweden$0.03 p/min
  • Netherlands$0.03 p/min
  • United States$0.03 p/min
  • Puerto Rico$0.03 p/min
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Download Credit Call for your Windows phone.
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What is it?

Credit Call is an application for both Iphone and Android, which allows you to manage a second prepaid bundle.

When you find yourself in a situation where you don't want to use your own provider, you simply start the app, and make your call!

This might for instance prove itself useful and cheap when trying to reach people abroad or when you are out of credit.

Cheap calls, without using your own carrier!
Free download!

How does it work?

Start by downloading Credit Call from the appstore or market (free of charge of course). You will then receive 25 eurocents to test all the features and make some calls.

By simply entering a phone number, the app will show you the charges per minute based on country code. Credit Call's telecom provider will then set you up with the person you're trying to reach. Your buddies do not need to use the app in order for you to reach them.

To set up the connection, a maximum of 1Kb of data is used. When your balance is running low, simply add credit via PayPal, CashU or iDEAL.


  • Cheap calls to national and international phonenumbers
  • Free download and ready to use
  • No monthly fee
  • 25 cents of free credit to test the application
  • Just as easy as regular calls
  • No ads and clear rates
  • Simple top-up and credit remains valid
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