Cheap International Calls: Why Credit Call?

Let's face it:

Calling outside your country can be very expensive. There is no question that the options on reducing those costs are quite limited.

Options include sim-to-sim calls, VOIP and prepaid cards.

For an expat smart phone user, calling international can be a necessity, which can be made cheaply through Credit Call app. Reduce your costs, and invest your extra left money on what matters.

With Credit Call you have the option to call fast international, at rates lower by as far as 80% than your local provider. While the cheap price is ensured, the quality is also higher than a VOIP call.

But there is more...

Credit Call makes it easy and simple to access your contacts, save your favorites and to call them. The application is quick to set up, and to use. The interface is highly user friendly, and the support team is always one email/call away.

Do we have your attention?

Search for Credit Call app on your App Store / Google Play, and start your cost reducing plan immediately!



For more information on the application and international rates:

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